readle – Learn German Language with Stories & News app review


readle helps you to learn real German in a fun, entertaining, and interactive way. It offers 200+ news stories and articles that are simplified for intermediate learners. They’re presented like short scenes from ‘a day in a life’ of living in Germany – from weather forecasts to jobs, music, relationships, holidays, culture and travel. documents by readle We have trained dozens of language learners to feel more confident by using Readle’s unique content & interaction features.



Over 10 million readers already downloaded readle app .com app in 2016, which is the largest Chinese news & view-sharing platform. Claiming itself as the news app for short form reading (no more than two minutes), it includes all kinds of topics on local and international politics, business, technology, sports and so on with news written by professional journalists. It’s called ‘Readle’ because the speed of reading is a very important point of its’ popularity and applied to this application. If you just read a little but condensed piece every day, one step at a time, you will find that your English is not just documents by readle

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Thanks to our Instant Dictionary, you can look up words in the target language AND get explanations in your native language. It’s the perfect tool for German learners who want to improve their vocabulary AND learn how to pronounce the words correctly. It’s best to use it while you are already familiar with the basics of German grammar and pronunciation. documents by readle


A beautiful new way to read and view stories from the Readle library. Enjoy new stories in the library every day, plus a cleaner design is easier for kids to use. Want to find a story fast? Just type in a word or phrase and search by title, author or keyword. Thousands of stories are available for free download to help your child learn to read. documents by readle